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Powered roof supports

• for all kinds of longwall systems:
- shearer / plough,
- roof collapse /filling goaf side

• custom designed to meet exacting cycles and operational requirements

• offer range:
- desing & manufacture,
- rebuilt & modification,
- refurbishment & reclaim

• economically eective construction calculated and designed with Finite Element Analysis

• shields tested in notified labs for static and dynamic loads, fatigue tests up to 60.000 cycles
  - due to the highest requirements of EU standards, obtaining CE certificate

• special high strength steel materials used for shield structures - types up to S 690, S 960

• compact roof canopy, optionally with hydraulically extended feed and additional face shield

• floor bases sectional designed or "catamaran" type


• crusher-breaker for excavated coal and stone material capacity up to 1.800 t/h


• hydraulic legs, props, rams and other cylinders of heavy duty applications
- high strength and quality materials used
- bore diameter ⌀50-450 mm
- single acting and/or telescopic
- durable coatings
- working medium: oil and all kinds of hydraulic fluids

Steel structures


• Roadheaders

• Cars Drilling

• Chargers

• The drill-specialist